Mineral Title Services

Andrew L. Grohe


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I am a Certified Petroleum Landman based in San Antonio with over 30 years of experience working various areas of the oil and gas exploration business. My strong suit is sorting out mineral and royalty title issues. I understand the exploration business, that’s why oil and gas companies have hired and trusted me for years.

I am offering my expertise in mineral titles to landowners, real estate professionals, and any entity that needs to know mineral and royalty ownership on a tract of land. Many people are not aware that a Title Policy does not cover mineral or royalty ownership. Title Policies are limited to surface ownership only. Generally, most buyers and real estate professionals rely on the statements of the seller. Many times children have inherited the tract or the wife has been widowed and does not know the mineral ownership. Possibly the tract has been sold multiple times and the exact mineral and royalty ownership has never been known by the present seller. Sometimes a syndicate is selling the ranch and this information has slipped between the cracks. Whatever the situation, it is a good idea to have the mineral and royalty ownership double checked.

Know Before You Buy

  • Owning the surface doesn't guarantee you own the minerals.
  • Owning the surface doesn't mean you can control the exploration company's use of the land.
  • Owning the minerals doesn't mean you own all of the royalty.

Surface Issues

  • Will lease operations affect agricultural use, hunters or guests?
  • Where can the exploration company drill, cut roads, put tank batteries and pipe lines?
  • Who can come on your land?
  • Can workers bring guns or dogs or fish in your tanks?

The minerals and their royalties may be worth more than the surface. Loans are generally made on surface evaluations; the minerals may provide an additional source of capital. They also may provide a legacy to children and heirs.

Chain of Title

I use every tool available to determine the mineral and royalty ownership. I check the all of the property records offered to the public by the County and District Clerk's. As a double check I also examine the records of the local title company, if available. I read every pertinent instrument and distill the mineral and royalty ownership into written report. As an extra cost service I also offer a bound chain of title volume with all relevant title instruments along with plats. This volume is presented both as a hard copy and in digital format. The chain of title volume may be used by an attorney to prepare a title opinion.

Services Provided

  • Title examination
  • Title curative
  • Due Diligence
  • Lease negotiations and acquisitions
  • Surface inspections and damage settlements
  • Drilling and production histories
  • Statewide document filings
  • Drilling permits
  • Lease checks