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Headquartered in Texas, Collaborative Water Resolution LLC, provides its clients with the highest level of professional assistance through facilitation, mediation, research, strategic analysis, personnel evaluation and recruitment, and training.

Professional Services & Areas of Expertise:

Facilitation and Mediation

Conflict over water and the environment is increasing to the point that it is becoming a common theme throughout the world. Yet in most cases mechanisms and institutions to manage disputes are either absent or inadequate. Facilitation and mediation provide alternatives to conflict. Collaborative Water Resolution LLC provides its clients with facilitation and mediation services tailored to address your dispute.

Problem Solving through Research and Strategic Analysis

Managing our water resources and environmental problem solving present crucial challenges of the 21st century. Collaborative Water Resolution draws on decades of training and experience in a wide range of disciplines to address complex problems.

Personnel Evaluation and Executive Recruiting

Determining whether your executives are performing and meeting your organizations goals is critical to any organization’s operations. Collaborative Water Resolution can evaluate the performance of your executive staff and recommend modifications or replacements.

Recruiting is often necessary for employers to find qualified executive and senior level professionals. With the baby boomer generation rapidly entering retirement, the need to find qualified candidates to replace retiring employees has never been more challenging. Collaborative Water Resolution’s principal has recruited and hired executives and senior level land and water professionals for a range of organizations. His decades of experience combined with almost 10,000 professional contacts can find right professional to meet your needs.

Tailor-Made Training

Need a workshop on a specific topic, or topics, designed to meet specific needs and requirements? Collaborative Water Resolution uses its vast network of professionals to provide specific training through workshops that address tailored to your needs, and saves you money by allowing your employees to avoid extra time away from the job due to travel, as well as avoiding the expenses of travel, lodging, meals and other incidentals.