Contact: Katherine Romans

Phone: (512) 263-9147




The mission of the Hill Country Alliance is to bring together an ever-expanding alliance of groups throughout a multi- county region of Central Texas with the long-term objective of preserving open spaces, water supply, water quality and the unique character of the Texas Hill Country.

The Hill Country Alliance is dedicated to ensuring for future generations an opportunity to enjoy the unique features of the Hill Country region, including the countless spring-fed streams, its multi-ethnic and agricultural heritage, and spectacular scenic beauty.

Encourage responsible water practices – The economy of the Hill Country and land values are dependent upon the water needs of today being balanced among current users, e.g. ranchers, development and the environment, in such a way that does no harm to the streams and aquifers.

Inform the friends of the Hill Country – A key to solving our region’s challenges is to work collaboratively with all interested stakeholders in order to make readily available honest and fair information, along with opportunities for participation in decisions.

Nurture unified support for innovative policy changes – While the actions needed to sustain the Hill Country’s natural features vary across the region – from the rapidly urbanizing southern and eastern portions, to the vast open spaces on the western and northern edges – there is a shared interest in respecting private property rights and encouraging locally grown solutions to complex issues through education.

Support economic development that is compatible with the Hill Country’s unique features – A key to keeping our Hill Country a special place for generations to come is to promote sources of income for landowners and businesses so that ensuing generations are motivated to keep ranches intact and small towns functional.