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The Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation (the Gulf Partnership) is a coalition of 28 local, regional, and national conservation organizations that work in the Gulf Coast region within the five Gulf of Mexico states – Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Our mission is to increase the pace, quality, and permanence of voluntary land and water conservation within the coastal region.

Our member organizations work with private landowners, government agencies and local communities to protect the most important natural resources and beautiful landscapes in the region: ranchlands, mangrove forests, freshwater springs, longleaf pine and bottomland hardwood forests, sandy beaches, and barrier islands.

Professional Services
We serve land trusts that operation in the five Gulf of Mexico States coastal region and provide: Capacity building support through training, annual Gulf Coast Land Conservation Conference, webinars, matching grants for due diligence projects for partner members, communication on land conservation news and advocacy/policy issues specific to the Gulf coast region.

Areas of Expertise
Gulf Coast region conservation
Deepwater Horizon oil spill funding for conservation including RESTORE, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Gulf Coast Benefit Fund, and NRDA.
Convening land trusts and allies in the Gulf Coast region.
Communication, Advocacy, support for grant writing.

Primary Customers/Clients
Land trusts and non-profit organizations whose primary purpose is land conservation. The Gulf Partnership works in the Gulf Coast region of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. We use the following definition to describe our service area:
1.the coastal management zones of the Gulf Coast States,
2.any adjacent land, water and watersheds within 25 miles of the coastal zones; and
3.all federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our partner organizations work with individual landowners and local communities from the Texas/Mexico border to the southern tip of Florida. Some of our partners work in all 5 states and protect thousands of acres while others focus on a single county or watershed.


Local , State and Regional Organizations
Alabama Coastal Heritage Trust (AL)
Alabama Forest Resources Center (AL)
Alachua Conservation Trust (GA/FL)
Artist Boat (TX)
Coastal Land Trust (AL)
Colorado River Land Trust (TX)
Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast (FL)
Conservation Florida (FL)
Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries (AL)
Galveston Bay Foundation (TX)
Guadalupe Blanco River Land Trust (TX)
Land Trust for Louisiana (LA)
Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain (MS)
Mississippi Land Trust (MS)
Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy (FL)
Tampa Bay Conservancy (FL)
Texas Agricultural Land Trust (TX)
Trust for Coastal Stewardship (LA)
Weeks Bay Foundation (AL)
Woodlands Conservancy (LA)
Wolf River Conservation Society (MS)

National organizations
American Farmland Trust
Land Trust Alliance
National Audubon Society
The Conservation Fund
The Nature Conservancy
The Trust for Public Land